Hotel Features in the Near and Far Future

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Have you thought about where you’ll be vacationing in the next few years? Maybe about the hotel or resort you’ll be staying in?

Maybe you haven’t thought about that last part, but I guarantee you will after reading this post!

As I’ve been doing my research, I’ve found some really cool features that hotels are adopting to attract guests and make their stay as enjoyable as possible, and many of them are really cool and cutting edge. I’ve listed some conceptualized features (that haven’t been implemented yet) and actualized features below so that you can see what changes are being made in some hotels that make trickle down to more economic hotels over the next several years.

Conceptualized Features

  • A “bacteria bomb” that sets off when a guest checks into a room to make sure it is really clean.
  • To counteract the amount of technology, a “living wall” of vegetation. The wall would have a built-in water and lighting system, and would also serve as an air-filtering device.
  • A room that can change environments and morph into different configurations with just the touch of a button.
  • Health-monitoring rooms: These rooms might have sensors in the toilet to measure blood sugar in your urine or infrared cameras that track your body temperature and send a message to regulate the thermostat in your room.

Actualized Features

  • Iris-scanning technology: The Nine Zero Hotel in Boston uses this alternative for its Cloud Nine Suite instead of using a key card to open the room.
  • Self-check-in kiosks: This is used in several hotels already. Instead of having to wait in line at the front desk of a hotel, geusts can swipe their credit card at the kiosk and get a room key in just minutes.
  • The “Pure Room”: The St. Martin’s Lane Hotel in London has implemented this feature. The walls of rooms are painted white, but guests can change the dial of a light display that alters the color of the room. It can change anywhere from a deep purple to a jungle green.
  • Sensory Welcome: Chicago’s The Wit Hotel has it so that customized music plays from a digital Muzak server overhead in public areas. On the guest room floors, guests hear a “tranquil bubbling brook”. In the lobby, ScentAir technology circulates The Wit’s custom-designed smell–“a fresh, clean scent that is reminiscent of a vanilla suntan”.

Any of the features really appeal to you? I think a bacteria bomb would be pretty nifty, particularly in motels and lodgings with high turnover rates. I think the living wall and Pure Room ideas are really cool as well.


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“Check into the Hotel of Tomorrow”


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