Spreadable Media…Just What Is It?

October 25, 2009 at 11:24 pm 1 comment

Have you seen the JK Wedding Dance?  The T-Mobile Dance? Superbowl commercials like this 2009 Doritos one? Chances are you have…and probably more than once. These videos are prime examples of spreadable media.

Just what is spreadable media? In a nutshell, things like memes and viral marketing campaigns. Basically, media that gets adopted by society and transformed and spread to others.

The two main models of media dissemination are the “spreadable model” and the “stickiness model”. Spreadability stresses the part of consumers in transforming and circulating media content. It looks at how people come up with all kinds of new meanings and how they expose brands to new markets (ie: T-Mobile or Doritos to people who wouldn’t normally use or eat these things). This spreadable model assumes that transforming media and using it for one’s purposes adds value to the content. This model is the model of the present and future.

Stickiness is becoming a thing of the past; any company that wants to stay in business should change to the spreadability model because the stickiness model focuses on the producers of it as opposed to the consumers. Businesses in the sticky model often find the value in media by charging for it.

So, you want to make your own meme or viral video? Here are six characteristics that will push your media to the masses as determined by my group in today’s Theory & Analysis class; make your content:

  1. Entertaining – It doesn’t have to be funny because everyone’s humor is different, but amusing is good!
  2. Novelty – If something has been done a million times it’s no fun anymore. But if you’re the first person…or even the second or third, not too shabby.
  3. Relatable – People are more apt to remember things/pass them along if they can relate to something in the video.
  4. “Evergreen” – Can it stand the test of time?
  5. Adaptable – People can possibly replicate your content; make their own version.
  6. Discussable – People will want and be able to talk about your vid.

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