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Art Inspiration: Andrew L. Moore

I came across Andrew Moore’s website back in August when I was looking for some cool photographs to present to my digital media bootcamp class. I remember his clicking on the photograph button and my breath being taken away. I think all of his work is great, but it’s his montages that really make me swoon. Look at a few examples below:



"Brooklyn Bridge"


How incredibly magical are these images? Looking at them, I feel like I could fall into another world. These pieces make me want to attempt to create my own composited images!

Would you like to create composite images but don’t know where to start? Here is a tutorial you can check out that shows you how in Adobe Photoshop:

Also, these images make me want to write; I think they’d be a good inspiration for a magical realism piece or science fiction of some sort.

Hopefully this inspires you! Again, check out Andrew L. Moore’s website here:

Happy creating!



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Art Inspiration: Jack Vettriano

I tell any and everyone I can about this artist, because I think he’s THAT amazing, so I thought it was time to showcase him on this blog.

 If I were to describe Vettriano’s work in one word: sexy. Not just simply the content of the work, but the way they were painted: the strokes, the color, the atmosphere.

Just looking at Vettriano’s paintings make me want to write, and I’m hoping that they’ll inspire you as well. Here are a few paintings so that you can see what he’s all about. If you want to view larger images and many more of them or learn more about Vettriano, please visit his website! The link is at the bottom of this post.



"Lounge Lizards"


"Only the Deepest Red II"



"After the Thrill is Gone"




"The Temptress"


"Yesterday's Dreams"

So how can you use this for inspiration? Pick a painting and just write. Write a page about what’s going on in the picture, or write about who’s taking the picture. Why are they taking they picture? What happened write before this moment was captured? What’s going to happen next? 

If you’re not a writer, think about the same questions, and answer them in the form of your choice. For example, if you’re a photographer, find a model and take pictures of what’s going to happen next. The sky’s the limit, so get going!



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