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Recommended Reading: Sarah Addison Allen

Author Sarah Addison Allen has my heart. I came across Garden Spells in Walmart and picked it up, as I had read a synopsis of it on Amazon. It sat on my bookshelf for months and months. Then I went to the library and saw a display showcasing North Carolinian authors (Allen was born and raised in Asheville, NC) with a copy of The Sugar Queen, so I picked it up. I DEVOURED that book [fitting, given its name] and knew I needed to dust off Garden Spells and read it.

Promo for The Sugar Queen. Click to be taken to book's website.

To describe these books in three words: magical, romantic, alluring. All of the books take place in fictional towns in North Carolina, and have elements of magical realism woven throughout.

You would think that the magical elements would be cheesy, but Allen finesses them so that they fit right into real life, but make things just a little more special. Examples in Garden Spells:

  • A character who HAS to give people random things, they don’t know what they need them for at the time, but it soon becomes clear.
  • When you eat an apple from the tree in the Waverly’s backyard, it shows you the biggest moment of your life. If you ignore the tree it will throw apples at you.
  • Another character cooks with certain flowers, and depending on their properties they affect the emotions of the diners.

Promo for Garden Spells. Click to be taken to the book's site.

You don’t just read these books; you drink them in and become immersed in them. You root for the characters and don’t want the novel to end. Allen’s next book, The Girl Who Chased the Moon, isn’t coming out until March 2010. You can read excerpts at her website.

***Sarah Addison Allen’s Website:


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Recommended Reading: Christopher Moore

I picked up my first book by author Christopher Moore last year after searching related books on I read the description for Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal and knew I had to pick it up. [I’d advise you to do the same!]

After I read that one, I passed it along to my significant other (who LOVED IT), and picked up Bloodsucking Fiends and its sequel You Suck. I also bought A Dirty Job and read it immediately. My SO also read Dirty Job, and now goes to the library again (thank you, Christopher Moore) and scours bookstores for this man’s books. I look forward to reading The Stupidest Angel this holiday season.

Keep reading for some quick thoughts, and links to connect with Moore online.

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal

In Lamb, Moore offers readers a satire of Christ’s life from childhood to crucifixion. This novel would probably be considered blasphemous to majority of the American population, so religious readers, beware!

Levi who is called Biff (or just Biff), Christ’s childhood sidekick recounts their adventures and misadventures (quite a few involving Mary Magdalene), many of the latter being the fault of Biff.

The writing is quick and clever, just like Biff, and very well-paced until the last portion of the book. Nonetheless, I still recommend it to any and everyone I think would like it, and attempt to quote my favorite part from memory. [It’s the part where Biff is watching MTV in the hotel room and trying to figure out today’s slang, just FYI.]

Learn more about Lamb, here.

A Dirty Job
This novel is completely different from Lamb, but still features Christopher Moore’s wacky style. What happens when beta male Charlie Asher becomes a “death merchant”? The book starts immediately with the death of Asher’s wife and birth of his daughter, Sophie, and spans many years. We see Sophie grow up and see Charlie resist his beta male tendencies to take on “dark forces”. What is a “death merchant’? Who in the world is named Minty Fresh? All will be revealed if you read the novel 🙂

Learn more about A Dirty Job, here.

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